The Halo Project (Rings included)

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"Finally, a quality version of this tool, with well thought out instructions, and some clever new ideas. I am proud to own one." - Garrett Thomas

For years Patrick has been world renowned not only for his incredible work on card magic but also what he's able to do with a finger ring. Patrick first released Reflex in 2013 and blew the top off on what could be done using a ring. Now we are pleased to finally release Patricks most well guarded secret - The Halo Project. This is the most visual and practical linking ring routine ever. Here you will learn how to pass a ring through your fingers one by one or all at once, and thats just the start! Then comes the reputation maker, borrow a ring from your spectator and with such beautiful precision you link their ring onto yours! And after unlinking the rings your spectator can immediately take them back for inspection. The Halo Project comes with everything you need to perform this visual miracle.

Full Performance:



Please make sure you pick the ring size that fits your index finger comfortably. If the ring size is between two sizes, we highly recommend to go with the larger size.

Here are the ring diameter in millimeters:

Size 8 - 18 mm

Size 9 - 19 mm

Size 10 - 20 mm

Size 11 - 21 mm

Size 12 - 22 mm

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