Paper Heart is now available.

First batch of Paper Heart is now available. Less than 200 are made. Grab yours now!




Paper Heart

Imagine you take a borrowed bill and visually transform it into an origami heart. The bill can be immediately examined, and given as a souvenir for them to keep.

Media Appearances

TV shows, Commercials, and Original Video Contents created by Patrick Kun.

Mirage Playing Cards V3

Mirage Eclipse Edition has the same iconic look by Patrick Kun with new upgraded materials from inside out. From the tuck case, V3 features a thick black dyed tuck case with an accent of silver foil stamp along sealed with a red metallic stamp.


Patrick Kun is one of the most talented close up sleight of hand magicians you will ever see. His dynamic style of performing is breathtaking, as he makes even the most difficult of sleights look seemingly easy. Patrick creates impromptu magic with visual gimmicked effects in mind. It’s hard to even believe that everything he does is actually pure sleight of hands. He has been involved in designing his own brand, TV appearance, and consulting with big name magicians; David Copperfield and Cyril.



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