Mirage Playing Cards V4 - Midnight Blue Edition

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The fourth installment of the Mirage playing cards is back and it’s the best one we have ever produced!

For the first time in the Mirage series, the Midnight Blue edition is printed on the premium Bee crush stock with United States Playing Cards (USPCC). From the tuck case, V4 features an embossed blue dye tuck case stamped with white foil. The overall design has been simplified and minimized for a modern aesthetic look.

Just like before, every court cards are completely custom along with the jokers, and our signature Ace of Spades. 

Why USPCC this time?

As we all know, the United States Playing Cards has always been the preferred option for cardist and magicians around the world. We want to provide the best card handling we can for this edition of Mirage. 

New gaff cards?

Since USPCC offers two extra cards, we decided to include a double facer for your magic routine and to bring back the original Mirage Hyper Card that was originally introduced in the 1st edition of Mirage. The Hyper Card plot has been around for many years but nothing comes close to this version designed by Patrick Kun. The Mirage Hyper Card can be shown completely on both sides and even given out as an impossible souvenir for your friends.

Is Mirage designed for magic or cardistry?

Both. We want to keep the design as simple as we can for magic and yet enhance the motion when performing cardistry.

Special features:

  • The optical illusion back specially designed for both magic and cardistry
  • Fully custom court cards by Tomas Hlavaty
  • It comes in Juan Tamariz’s Mnemonica stack.
  • Comes with two special gaff cards with video link inside the tuck case

NEW: Limited edition Half Brick Box

Only 300 boxes made. Each box is printed on a thick soft touch paper. Choose Half Brick option and receive 6 Mirage V4 decks packed inside this box.