Insta by Quiver (Gimmick Only)
Insta by Quiver (Gimmick Only)
Insta by Quiver (Gimmick Only)

Insta by Quiver (Gimmick Only)

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PLEASE READ: This product is only for the previous owners of the Modern Card to Wallet who want to upgrade for the NEW NO PALM feature.

This only comes with the Quiver Insta gimmick. The wallet is NOT included.

Quiver Insta allows you to perform an extremely clean and reliable switch for routines such as:

  • An Open Prediction routine; where a prediction card in full view, turns into the spectator's signed card.
  • A Dream Card routine; where an odd back card in the wallet becomes the spectator's signed card.
  • An impossible deck production from the wallet
  • A clean switch for lottery prediction, confabulation, and much more.

What have we improved in the new "Insta" version?

  • A secure locking system that can be triggered at any time.
  • A reliable gimmick that will last a long time and can easily be repaired in minutes.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Black custom gimmick (works with any color wallet)
  • 2 x Strong latex bands
  • 2 x Transparent pieces for 2 applicatiions

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