Paper Heart
Paper Heart
Paper Heart
Paper Heart
Paper Heart

Paper Heart

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Imagine you take a borrowed bill and visually transform it into an origami heart. The bill can then be immediately examined. Paperheart is a perfect souvenir that they will keep forever.

Paper comes complete with USD gimmick. If you are not from US, don't worry! Our 26 mins instructional video covers everything you need to know to modify the gimmick to any currency of your choice.

Leaving a memorable souvenir for the spectator has always been my top priority in mind when performing magic. I wanted to create something unique, something that they can remember you by; and Paper Heart does exactly that!

In the past years, we have made a limited amount for sale during lectures and Paper Heart was by far the FASTEST selling out item. Through years of refinement on the construction of the gimmick and the handlings, we are extremely proud to release to all of you today!

In the package, you will receive:

  • A complete self-contained hand made Paper Heart gimmick (USD Version)
  • A 26 mins instructional video with several handlings for Paper Heart. This includes, how to fold origami heart, switches, how to modify the gimmick and much more.

This effect is extremely easy to perform and you will perform minutes after opening the package. Paper Heart will bring smiles to your audience and I can guarantee that this IS the trick you will carry in you everywhere you perform.

Paper Heart comes with a special pre-made gimmick USD dollar bill. Please supply your own matching $1 bill to perform this effect.

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