PK Ultimate Bundle (6 Effects in 1 Download)

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*The limited edition of the USB drive is SOLD OUT. This is for instant download only.

Updated with a brand new effect called Photo-Op

This is a digital download version of our sold out Lecture Notes Limited Edition. When purchased, you will receive an instant access to our streaming page to learn all the effects below:

1. Singularity

With Singularity, you will be able to perform a streamlined handling of an anniversary waltz plot with any borrow deck. It's completely impromptu and can be performed at a moment's notice.

2. 4 to 1 Transpo

A visual transposition of 4 Kings and a selection that happens right under the spectator's hand. The routine is quick, visual, and is completely impromptu.

3. Mirage Change

A knacky one-handed double color change that allows you to change two cards at once. A perfect double change for any multiple revelation routine.

4. Modern Biddle

This is Patrick's modern take on the classic Biddle trick. With a twist at the end, image being able to erase their selected card from a photo taken with their borrow phone. This is super strong practical effect that leaves your spectatctos with an memorable photo that they will talk about forever.

5. Reflex Ring Vanish

A raven-like type vanish that you can do anytime without any gimmick. This vanish also allows you to change a ring into any other small object.

6. Photo-Op

This is a streamlined version of Asi Wind's infamous Double Exposure. Imagine being able to alter a photo of a random card and change into their selected card that was taken from a borrowed phone. A practical change that happens both in the deck of cards and in the photo from their phone.



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