Patrified (7 Visual Card Effects)

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It's been years in the making and it's finally here, Patrick Kun's  DVD entitled Patrified featuring 7 visual modern card effects.

Seven Killer Effects:

  • Be-Tween Production - Rub two jokers at your fingertips and a card visually appears in between the jokers. PK style!
  • PK Double - A single-handed double lift with just the right balance of flourish and practicality to perform the live audience.
  • Inflict Evolved - The first visual sandwich effect that allows your spectator to do the magic. The moment they touch a card, it visually changes to another. The evolved Inflict.
  • Centerpoint Retouch - The updated display version of Patrick’s signature Centerpoint effect. Slick and sweet

  • MORF - This is the effect everyone is talking about. Four random selections transform into any four of a kind of your choice.

  • DIY Aces - Patrick’s take on spectator cuts to the aces. It has never been easier!
  • Snowblind - Patrick’s ultimate finale for his everyday professional card routine.

What do you receive?

- 60 minute long online instructional video. No gimmick included.

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