Asia Tour Lecture 2.0 with Alex Pandrea & Patrick Kun

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Want to learn more than card magic? This download explains incredible effects using not only cards, but coins, matches, and iPhones. Quite a variety! 

On this download, you will learn: 

CARD THING by Patrick Kun
- A very direct card sandwich effect that happens in the spectator's hands. 

COIN THING by Patrick Kun
- A new utility coin move that allows you to secretly transfer a coin from hand to hand without its looking like a move. 

MATCH THING by Alex Pandrea
- An empty matchbook magically refills itself in the spectator's hands. Other variations are also taught. 

PHONE THING by Alex Pandrea
- An impromptu method to quickly charge your iPhone. Many presentations are also explained in this section. 

- 20-minute jam session on move subtleties with Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea.

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