Mirage Playing Cards V2 - Dawn Edition

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A limited quantity of V2 from Patrick's personal collection. These are completely sold out a couple of years ago and they won't be reprinted. We only have a few bricks available for those who are looking to complete the Mirage Collection!


First of all, the case has been printed with a gold foil on a new card. This gives a metallic luster when the light hits the box. Ink covers the inside champagne gold  that ended with the gold seal notched.
The emblem Mirage is depicted with the new crimson color, which perfectly complements this edition. The figures are completely customized by Tomas Hlavaty. You will see your favorite magicians in the face, as Laura London, Calen Morelli, Eric Jones and of course Patrick Kun!

A secret feature has been added to this edition of the playing cards Mirage. They are marked! There is a secret link with a password hidden somewhere that reveals all. It was really important that this marking system to be subtle and practical.

- The optical illusion on the back has been specially designed for both the magic that for cardistry.
- Completely personalized court cards by Tomas Hlavaty.
- The deck comes in with Mnemonic Juan Tamariz's stack
- Secret marking system. You know the cards just watching the back!

Printed by Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC), the Mirage deck is made with the Classic Finish of the LPCC.