Modern playing cards designed for cardistry and magic.

Mirage Eclipse Edition



In collaboration with Gentle Miracle from Seoul, we wanted to design high quality accessories that are minimal yet functional for both the magician and cardist. We are excited to present three brand new items that we have worked on in the past six months.

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Gentle Miracle collaboration


Classic Case

Our first goal was to design the perfect card case that was both minimal and stylish. Not only does it protect your favorite playing cards, it holds your every day items all in one place. 

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Our next project was to create the first ever leather trainers.

They are constructed using a dyed natural leather, creating a soft and delicate feel. Each packet is made from two pieces of leather and has the highest quality stitching. Their soft edge coat provides a comfortable grip, perfect for cardistry training.

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Lastly, Clear Case is an initiative product that suggests a new way to carry your favorite deck of cards. It is minimal, thin, and durable. Most importantly, it will give you everything that you need to protect your deck while keeping your favorite box design in full view.

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Clear Case