Summit by Abstract Effect
Summit by Abstract Effect
Summit by Abstract Effect
Summit by Abstract Effect
Summit by Abstract Effect

Summit by Abstract Effect

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If you LOVE InstaGrab, you are going to love this!

"Absolutely genius - a true piece of magic!" -Piff the Magic Dragon

"Summit is fire! It's early in 2021 but it's the trick of the year for me." -Ekaterina

From the minds of Patrick Kun, The Other Brothers & Abstract Effects — comes a thought of card to Sharpie, unlike anything you have EVER seen!

Even includes a routine and method for ONLINE performances.

Watch the Full uncut performance here:

At last, a thought of card to Sharpie that has NO card switches, NO sharpie switches, and a PRACTICAL yet mind-blowing method.

Your spectator THINKS of a card. You hand them a sharpie to write down what they're thinking of...but to their surprise, the sharpie doesn't actually work.

You take the sharpie from the spectator, and WITHOUT ANY MOVES, and while keeping the Sharpie IN VIEW THE ENTIRE open it up to REVEAL a card rolled up inside.

The spectator still HAS NOT SAID OR EVEN written down their card. Then the spectator is asked to name their card. With NO switches or moves of ANY kind, the card is turned over and is the EXACT card the spectator named – EVERY TIME!

NO card switches or sharpie switches! The gimmick is designed for easy use with a super practical method and ability to keep the gimmick on you wherever you go so you're ready to blow some minds at a moment's notice Summit comes with everything you need to perform right out of the box and can be reset within an instant so you're always ready to perform! Great for beginners to workers & pros!

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